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iPhone 6 plus size review

By on September 25, 2014 in Technology with No Comments

How the plus looks in my hand.

How the plus looks in my hand.

Is the iPhone 6 plus too big for me? The answer to that question will depend on what you mainly use your smart phone for. More people are using their mobile phones for apps and watching videos more than actually making phone calls. “It’s important to note that Facebook’s monthly user base has grown 14 percent year over year, while it’s mobile user base has grown much more, at 31 percent.” — Ellis Hamburger from the Verge. If we think of the mobile phone as a state of the art computer with high tech sensors and capabilities instead of a phone that can connect to the internet, then you will start to realize how a bigger screen makes the user experience a better one.
I no longer have to pinch the screen to make it bigger when reading articles on my iPhone 6 plus like I did on my iPhone 5. Watching videos and reading articles online is so much nicer on a bigger screen. Showing pictures to my parents on my mobile phone will no longer require them to grab their glasses. I strongly suspect that the big delay in Apple making bigger screens for the iPhone is from the fact that it will cut into the iPad sales. There is less of a need for an iPad once you have a mobile phone with a 5.5 inch screen. I use my smart phone for social media, music, taking pictures, movies, and games. I don’t see a down side to 5.5 inch screen for my uses. If you like to use the phone with one hand, then reaching for the top of the screen will be hard. There is a handy feature for that issue. You can just double tap the home button to move the top of the screen closer. For people that read lots of articles, emails or ebooks then having a bigger screen is the way to go.

Favorite features so far:

  • Double tapping the home button to make the top half of the screen move closer.
  • The 1920×1080 Retina HD display is simply amazing.
  • The camera on the plus takes amazing pictures.
  • The curved edges of the plus feel comfortable when holding it.

Today is my first day using the plus. I will update this blog after a few more days.

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