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Mounting a NetApp snapshot

By on September 27, 2018 in Technology with No Comments

Snapshot copies enable system administrators to perform the following tasks:

  • Create instantaneous backups
  • Create a clone of a FlexVol volume
  • Create a clone of a Data ONTAP LUN
  • When the time comes and you need to mount a snap shot to recover a lost file then you will need to perform the following steps from the cluster shell.
  • Look for the snapshot you will want to recover with the following command.

    snap list -volume vol_ds_videos -fields snapshot,create-time

    The output will look like this:

    nac01-lax::> snap list -volume vol_ds_videos -fields snapshot,create-time
    vserver volume snapshot create-time
    ---------- ------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos snapmirror.c96af77d-0a15-11e5-bd40-00a0987f3dca_2147484792.2016-04-05_150226 Tue Apr 05 15:02:30 2016
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos snapmirror.c96af77d-0a15-11e5-bd40-00a0987f3dca_2147484793.2016-04-06_103903 Wed Apr 06 10:39:07 2016
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos smvi_Hourly-24hour-retention_novmsnap_20161208220700 Thu Dec 08 22:07:27 2016
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos smvi_videos-monthly-3M-retention_novmsnap_20170201233001 Wed Feb 01 23:30:11 2017
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos smvi_videos-monthly-3M-retention_novmsnap_20170301233001 Wed Mar 01 23:30:10 2017
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos smvi_videos-weekly-4W-retention_novmsnap_20170312223001 Sun Mar 12 22:30:07 2017
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos smvi_videos-weekly-4W-retention_novmsnap_20170319223001 Sun Mar 19 22:30:07 2017
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos smvi_videos-weekly-4W-retention_novmsnap_20170326223001 Sun Mar 26 22:30:06 2017
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos smvi_videos-monthly-3M-retention_novmsnap_recent Sat Apr 01 23:30:08 2017
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos weekly.2017-04-02_0015 Sun Apr 02 00:15:00 2017
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos smvi_videos-weekly-4W-retention_novmsnap_20170402223001 Sun Apr 02 22:30:06 2017
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos weekly.2017-04-09_0015 Sun Apr 09 00:15:00 2017
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos smvi_daily-5day-retention-videos_novmsnap_20170409212400 Sun Apr 09 21:24:05 2017
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos smvi_videos-weekly-4W-retention_novmsnap_recent Sun Apr 09 22:30:07 2017
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos smvi_daily-5day-retention-videos_novmsnap_20170410212401 Mon Apr 10 21:24:07 2017
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos smvi_Hourly-24hour-retention_novmsnap_20170411150702 Tue Apr 11 15:07:42 2017
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos smvi_daily-5day-retention-videos_novmsnap_recent Tue Apr 11 21:24:09 2017
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos daily.2017-04-13_0010 Thu Apr 13 00:10:01 2017
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos daily.2017-04-14_0010 Fri Apr 14 00:10:00 2017
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos hourly.2017-04-14_0605 Fri Apr 14 06:05:00 2017
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos hourly.2017-04-14_0705 Fri Apr 14 07:05:00 2017
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos hourly.2017-04-14_0805 Fri Apr 14 08:05:00 2017
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos hourly.2017-04-14_0905 Fri Apr 14 09:05:00 2017
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos hourly.2017-04-14_1005 Fri Apr 14 10:05:01 2017
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos hourly.2017-04-14_1105 Fri Apr 14 11:05:00 2017
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos smvi_Hourly-24hour-retention_novmsnap_20170414111812 Fri Apr 14 11:18:44 2017
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos smvi_Hourly-24hour-retention_novmsnap_recent Fri Apr 14 11:19:51 2017
    esxi01-lax vol_ds_videos snapmirror.c96af77d-0a15-11e5-bd40-00a0987f3dca_2154875692.2017-04-14_114500 Fri Apr 14 11:45:00 2017

    Clone the snapshot you would like to recover with the following command.
    Make sure you change the parent-volume with volume from the previous command. Also change flex-clone name with the same name as parent-volume plus a -clone at the end.
    Finally ensure you change the parent-snapshot with the snapshot name from the previous command you would like to recover.

    vol clone create -vserver esxi01-lax -flexclone vol_ds_videos_clone -type RW -parent-volume vol_ds_videos -junction-active true -foreground true -parent-snapshot smvi_videos-monthly-3M-retention_novmsnap_20170201233001

    Mount the volume with the junction path.

    volume mount -vserver esxi01-lax -volume vol_ds_videos_clone -junction-path /vol_ds_videos_clone

    Finally mount the volume on the esxi server you want using the LIF IP of the SVM via vcenter as a data store.

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